Tracy Scarlett

Fitness Instructor

About Practitioner:

While I may be new to being a fitness instructor I am definitely not new to the fitness world.

I started my journey nearly 8 years ago.

The only exercise I had time for was running my kids to school and activities and getting myself to work. I had debilitating fibromyalgia and couldn't even play with my kids. I was unable to walk, I shuffled.

I knew that if I didn't do something I would be using a walker by the time I turned 50...

I re-acquainted myself with an old friend who was a personal trainer. At that time I couldn't do the simple stuff like a squat or a pushup. I was horrible at being accountable for doing my "homework" workout I was given to do on my own.

A few months later in July my coach posted that she was holding a bootcamp. I said "Coach? Can I do this without needing a defibrillator 15 minutes into our 1 hour session?"

I joined 1 session out of 2 a week and went to my first class. I was well behind everyone else but I woke up the day after feeling like a new person. I joined the 2nd day a week session.

By November that year I ran my 1st 5 km marathon. Over the year I lost 45lbs and the following May, I ran my 1st 10 km which has been followed up in the years to running "legs" of ultra trail marathons.

In 2022, I decided I want to help others achieve wellness as well as their goals so I began my education and certifications process.

After a year and a half of training I am certified in ayoga, Group Fitness and Total body conditioning.

I am excited to share your journey with you may it be it big or small or a self discovery.

Services:Total Body Workout - $ - for a 5 week series; $ for drop