Reiki for Seniors

Natural alternative therapies like Reiki for healing and promoting a greater level of well-being are common across age groups. They’re now becoming increasingly popular among seniors, who tend to experience a greater number of health-related issues due to aging.

As you’re exploring ways to improve age-related symptoms like joint stiffness, slow injury healing, pain, and insomnia, it’s worth looking at the benefits of Reiki for seniors.

Reiki is a form of therapeutic healing using energy and touch, often referred to as energy healing. Reiki practitioners believe that energy in the body can become stagnant, usually where there has been an injury or where an individual harbors emotional pain.

The goal of Reiki is to utilize the power of touch to release this stagnation, similar to the effects of acupuncture but without the use of needles.The result of this energy release is a reduction in pain and illness, faster injury healing, relaxation, and other feelings of well-being.


Benefits Of Reiki For Seniors

Reiki is considered a wholistic healing therapy, targeting multiple issues throughout the body. With this in mind, it’s easy to see the vast potential benefits of Reiki for seniors.

For example, Reiki healing may:

    Reduce muscle tension
    Relieve muscle pain
    Improve coordination
    Increase feelings of calmness due to stress relief
    Promote a more restful sleep
    Increase mental alertness
    Reduce feelings of depression and anxiety

One study by UCLA found that Reiki for seniors showed a positive effect on feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress—three conditions that commonly affect seniors with dementia. While there isn’t much scientific evidence to support the power of Reiki, many of those who have undergone Reiki treatments say they’ve noticed a difference. What’s more, family members of seniors who have tried Reiki say they can see improvement in their loved ones, both in their physical appearance and mood.

My services are as follows:

Rates Per Reiki session:

    30 minute: $ 70.00
    1 hour: $ 130.00