Enzymedica- Gluten Ease
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Enzymedica- Gluten Ease

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The enzymes in GlutenEase Extra Strength are specially designed to break down both gluten and casein, digesting them before they can cause issues like occasional gas and bloating.* So whether you're caught eating out, enjoying food with friends or want to eat more freely, GlutenEase Extra Strength gives those with gluten intolerance greater freedom. 60 capsule.

Many individuals choose to use GlutenEase Extra Strength at times when they may be concerned about cross-contamination on cooking surfaces, or if they think they may be consuming food with "hidden gluten."

Powered by Thera-blend™, the enzymes in GlutenEase Extra Strength are active throughout the entire digestive tract, maximizing your health benefits. Don’t let gluten intolerance keep you from the foods you love.

Supports gluten and casein intolerance*
Includes additional enzymes to help digest the entire meal*
Maximum potency gluten and casein support*
Ideal for cross-contamination support