Molly Venn

The Telltale Hand

Palm Reader

About Practitioner:

Molly has been reading palms since 2020 and professionally since 2022. She is based out of Kindersley but travels regularly to offer readings in Saskatoon and Medicine Hat. Contrary to popular belief, palm reading isn't so much fortune telling as it is a form of recognition of a person's true character and destiny. The shape, structure, and texture of hands, fingers, and nails say a lot about a person's temperament, personality, humour, and philosophy. The lines of a hand record events from a person's past (both in the conscious and subconscious mind) and predict where their current path is headed.
The focus of her readings is always on the positive, and a person's potential. She will always be honest with what she sees and will tell you what is true and helpful.
Come discover:-Your elemental hand type-Top primary archetypes personality-The overlap of palm reading and astrology-What your fingertip shapes, skin texture, and nail shapes say about you-The major lines on your hand, and how they record your past, clarify your present, and predict your future-Major seasons and themes of your life-Special markings on the hand that reveal talents, abilities, or hidden desires
Readings: 30-45 minutes; $80.00.
For more details or to see testimonials, check out her webpage at or Instagram @thetelltalehand
This is NOT a dark art - all observations and predictions made are based on physical characteristics and their corresponding meanings, based on a large body of research done by hand readers over milliennia. There is no magic, divination, or psychic component to my readings.

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