Kerri Lynn

Reiki Master/Intuitive Healer

About Practitioner:

I've been a reiki practioner for over 30 years and have practiced esoteric arts my whole life! Iam trained in intuitive healing with a herbology background ! I am a intuitive clairvoyant with my higher aspects and guides from the other side of the veil..I work with healing the body and connecting the soul aspects back to zero point in the individual vessel! Through my marcel vogel crystal bed It will realign ones chakras and bring a healing balance to one's body mind and spirit! Alot of times leaving that individual with a message or messages from their higher self..I look forward to helping all of humanity finding peace love and benevolent healings, whenever I can.

Services:Prices for Healing
$300 - Full Package:
Reiki/ intuitive healing / sound bath/ crystal bed with cards 1 hour
Package of 2 /550 savings of 50 $
Reiki Master UsuiSound bath / Reiki/ Intuitive Healing/ Cards/Jin Shin jyutsu physio-philosophy250 / 60 min
Reading with tarot125 .guidance on life , career , relationships and spiritual growth 40 min
Reading with tarot 1 hourGuidance on life , career, relationships, and spiritual growth$ 200
Sound bath tuning forksThis clears away all negative presence I'm the body setting your frequency to a much higher frequency bringing in much more love and light to Manifest the best outcomes for your life path!
40 min/ intuitive message with the healing Sound bath tuning forks $160
Sound bath92 /30 min
Womb healing 110/30 min to 45This involves Sound bath and energy work and intuitive communication with your womb/ for pregnancy or any other woman problems or just simply keeping the womb at its healthiest!
Reiki with chakra healing$ 125 30 min
Distant healings 92
Reiki and tarot 
200/ 1 hourGuidance with the tarot and reiki clearing
Home clearings 
upon appt250 /1.5 hours
7 rays with the seven masters and galactic teams:
Psychic surgery this clears all body issues and works on any organ or issues in the body to clear all stagnant energies and release that no longer serves the body! Done by invoking higher source energy and your IAm presence !250 $ 1.5 hours
Mediumship tarot readings
During a reading session I will be connecting to your IAM presence and your personal spirit guides , during the reading I will be connecting to any loved ones if that door is opened up! During the Mediumship read iam able to connect to your loved ones in spirit bringing forth any messages in this energy that they may have for you from the otherside of the veil! I always ask that the day of such a service you eat lightly and drink lots of water before our session.Intuitive healing sessions are all from the same source of energy bringing in insight again from your IAM and source light energy to allow me to get full insight on your body and what it's needs are or any problems it may be having at that time..during our time together there is always a message to guide either on a personal level or what the body needs.
Chakra clearing
There are many chakras throughout the body which are to regulate physical and emotional processes in the body.when a chakra is "blocked"that means the energy is not flowing through properly during a session I will be working with all 7 chakras in the physical and your 8th chakra your crown chakra your 9th chakra soul star chakra 10th the universal chakra and your 11th galactic chakra and your 12th divine gateway chakra!Trained in Avesa energy healing ! Master Reiki practioner/ teacher
I have a gift to see future events in one's life when working with a individual in a healing session or in card readings! It's a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.. they just come to me and I always share what I see .I've had this gift since I was a small child and am grateful to share this gift with others !it can be very beneficial in one's relationships and careers and spiritual path as well..I've taken goddess mystery Schools of the Magdalene priestess venusian temple where I've learned the Magick and mysteries of the sacred womb and the christ consciousness, the dragon mothers and the mystery of the rose priestesshood!
Intuitive ami level 1 chakras and the physical body quantum healing with consciousness level 3
Tuning forks / crystals and bells
Crystalline Atlantean healing chamber! The atlantean healing chamber looks for root causes of discomfort from this lifetime and previous lifetimes .thus includes the release of unconscious dogmas limiting beliefs and habitual patterns while addressing energetic interferences, including phobias , imprints from ancestry,culture of origin and relationships. If present any entities , ghosts ,or inter- dimensional imprints are identified and resolved. You will be attuned to the vibrational frequency required to stimulate quantum healing in your body!
$250 1 hour to I hour and a half
Kryon / Lee Carroll / dr amber meele/ha wolf:
Lumeria cards initiated and trained in 2017 at kryon discovery event!!Lemurian codes for healing are the original encoded star activations given to humanity as a sacred gift long ago! The codes are placed energetically in 11 cards with images and words and are programmed through the Crystalline merkaba to connect the physical points on the body where the information of the star template is stored waiting to evoke the Akashic memory!
Add on any service for $70/ 20 min

Trained by:
Meg Benedicte quantum access practioner course2023 / graduated activating the resurrection spiral of metetrons cube you can eliminate time density/ clear incongruent energy ,outwards open and activate the chakra channel integrate soul energy inwards helping the client progress in ascending into higher dimensional acess !Upon request only! Prices will be determined.
Been studying avedic Astrology with Joni Patry for 10 plus yrs.
Basic sidereal birth chart and lovers compatibility charts we go over certain placements in your birth chart to help with relationships and certain spiritual outcomes! Also will tell you your rising sign and moon and sun signs75 /30min