Chantelle Rodgers


From the Heart Intuitive Healing with Chantelle Rodgers.

I have spent over 16 years on my journey of healing. On my journey, I found some really incredible teachers who taught some really incredible things. While working with Dr John Veltheim, the founder of The BodyTalk System, I was urged by him to move forward and create my own system of healing. John’s encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to leave The BodyTalk System and find the pieces necessary to create my own system. I believe everything in my life has brought me to this point in time, ready to move forward and share and teach my own system of healing.
The work I do includes hands-on or remote healing, soul communication & shadow release. True healing comes from within but many times, we hold blockages preventing us from reaching states of lasting peace, joy, love and health. When I work with you, my goal will be to find and free what is blocking you on all levels – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We will become a team and seek out what is creating the blockage and together, we will question it, we will hold it, we will see it and we will love it. Once it is seen, once it is held, once it is loved, it will release. It’s truly that simple.

Sessions are available for adults, children, couples, families and businesses/teams/organizations.

I offer sessions, workshops and group-healing events. I will also be offering facilitator training in the Fall of 2023 for those wanting to dive into this system and work with their own clients and someday students. We are all intuitive, we are all healers – I am hoping to help you find and develop the gifts you may not know you have!