Chantelle Miller

Trauma Informed Breathwork FacilitatorPGI Consultant

About Practitioner:

I studied human development, potential, growth and success at The Proctor Gallagher Institute from the number one teacher in the industry, Bob Proctor. I have also studied with the Diamond Academy where the focus is spirituality meets peak performance with Kathleen Cameron, leading manifestation coach and chief wealth creator. In addition, I am trained as a trauma informed breathwork facilitator, coached by the top breathwork organization globally, Pause Breathwork, Samantha Scully.

With my training and personal experience I can support you on a deep level to create the transformation you are desiring through

embodiment and implementation of the practices. When the mind, body and soul are in alignment you remove the blockages to become magnetic to your goals and desires.

It has become my life mission and passion to teach and share these life changing practices and principles with my clients and the world. My intention is to provide support, safety and guidance for my clients healing and transformations...empowering them to follow their joy, believe in themselves and their infinite power and potential to create the life of their dreams.

Services:Breathwork Facilitation