Amanda Smith - aka. @awkward.empath.amanda

Oracle Card Reader

About Practitioner:

I love & am so passionate about giving ethical, impactful Oracle Card Readings!
It’s a Sacred Practice for me to connect to Spirit, Source, the Earth, & Energies, to give you your messages.
My readings are Source-led; compassionate, empowering, clarifying, confirming, emotional, and even fun. The cards come out as they’re supposed to.
I’m kind & warm (empathetic 😊), with a sense of humour.
I do not tolerate ANY hatred or bigotry towards Queer, Indigenous, Disabled, or any other marginalized community. Period

The readings I offer at Intrinsic Lotus are:
A Full Reading: $25.00; Approx 6 - 8 cards; 20 - 25 minute reading; you may ask a question that you want clarity on, or we can just fly by the cards right from the start ✨
A Deep Dive: $45.00; Must be booked in advance. Approx 8 - 10 cards; 40 - 45 minute reading. You may ask a question or two that you want clarity on for this reading as well, and we fly by the cards as well! ✨
Please note that I do not do health or pregnancy readings. Readings are also 18+ �